The Energy Trade

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.


  • Reversible School Life (リバーシブル) CH 1

    Reversible School Life

    Our latest WAaI release - Shuu Kaidou is sent away to an all boys boarding school with a very strange rule concerning half the students.

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  • Sazanami Cherry (さざなみチェリー) CH 1

    Sazanami Cherry

    Followup to our first WAaI release - two down, four to go!

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  • Onnanoko Tokidoki Otokonoko (女の子ときどき男の子) CH 1

    Girl [Sometimes] Boy

    A simple gender-bending story from hentai mangaka hinemosunotari, and the first in our WAaI release series.

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What's Happening?

Our copy of WAaI volume 2

Many of you have probably been wondering where we've been. We've made no substantial update to our website, or released anything in nearly a month now.

We're still here.

We would like to apologise to you for the lack of communication. It's been one of those months.

A while ago, it was mentioned that we aren't actually a Scanlation Group - that instead we are a software development company. While some drew issue with the distinction, it is important, nonetheless - our core business is software development.

We are an Australian company with an office of 27 employees. The Energy Trade is one of a number of side projects we run. On the 28th of June, our lead software engineer's mother passed away, and she went home to Japan to be with her family. Our wishes and condolences are with her.

We've had some trouble filling her shoes. She is an incredible programmer, and while she will be back soon, it couldn't have come at a more difficult time - a key code milestone for our core product is approaching, and all hands have been on deck to ensure it passes without incident.

Unfortunately for The Energy Trade, this has meant being left unattended for around a month - and missing our deadline.

We're picking up speed again, and will have the Original WAaI volume completely translated for you soon. (Unfortunately we cannot provide a timeframe for this.)

The picture above shows the item which just arrived at our office: WAaI vol. 2.

We think you should buy it. The print job is a thing of beauty. We'll be providing a translated version as soon as we complete the first volume.

- Tom McDermott, Product Strategist (29/07/2010)

Coming Soon - From The Energy Trade

Download Errors

We have had some reports of people unable to complete downloads.

This morning, I and a member of my team personally looked into the issue, and we believe it to be fixed.

However, if you have any difficulty downloading a file, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff at

- June Carmody, Technical Lead (20/06/2010)


We're excited to announce that our RSS syndication has today gone live.

Please subscribe to keep up to date with our latest product releases!

As technical lead, I have been tasked with ensuring that the feed operates correctly, and collecting accurate analytics to ensure optimum user experience. Please contact me at if you have any queries or suggestions.

- June Carmody, Technical Lead (09/06/2010)

Updates and Fixes

In addition to some work that our web development team is performing on our website - chiefly to integrate an RSS feed (we have had a lot of requests for this!) we have also made another key change - the way we name our files.

We didn't notice before (we use Mac OS X 10.6 on our office computers, which sorts filenames containing numbers humanistically - 10 comes after 9 rather than after 1 in a pure alphabetical sort) that our lack of zero-padding on image file names was causing some of the images to appear out of order in certain readers.

This has been corrected, and applied to the files currently hosted from this website (although of course we cannot correct the files already distributed.)

We appreciate the interests of our stakeholders in these products, and their attention to detail when it comes to our quality of service.

- Timothy Frisk, Corporate Representative (08/06/2010)

Our Plans

Who are we? A scanlation group?


We're a software development company, and we're working on a big project.

- Tom McDermott, Product Strategist (06/06/2010)

WAaI Translation

As head of corporate strategy, it is my pleasure to announce that The Energy Trade intends to introduce the all the manga stories from the first WAaI release to the english language.

Our project is scheduled to be completed before the introduction of the second edition to Japanese store shelves on the 24th of July 2010.

- Tom McDermott, Product Strategist (04/06/2010)

The Energy Trade

The Energy Trade has launched! Our initial public offering is $4.40 per share.

We are committed to bringing superior products to our key stakeholders. While we have decided to launch lean, should market forces play in our favour, we'll have an exciting new product range for you soon.

For news on upcoming product releases, to address our customer satisfaction department, please contact

- Samantha Brown, CEO (03/06/2010)